Medulla Core

by Abjective

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Artist: Abjective
Release: Medulla Core
Type : Album
Catalog ID: [NrM066]
Label: Nenormalizm Records
Style: IDM, Glitch, Ambient, Experimental, Modular


01. Socket box (06:50)
02. Booster (03:50)
03. Medulla (05:54)
04. Øaceloth (06:21)
05. Nsynox (03:33)
06. Terranix (03:58)
07. Diamagnetic 0.8 (Modular Sculpture) (04:38)
08. Poisons and Their Components (02:48)
09. Arc de Grande (04:20)
10. Quantum mechanics (03:10)


Initially this music was not to be the release. When I first tried to write music on a modular synthesizer, it was interesting experience, but it was not balanced melody inside my mind.
But one day I have faced with the cancer. It was a painful time of frustration in a life, of anger at whole world and of deep-deep depression. A tumor was growing with the speed of thought, filling my body with deadly anguish.

This release is not light, joyful melodies, but only - sounds of desperate struggle for life. Music written on modular synthesizers was able to reflect my abiosis, war with myself and hopelessness. The cover of the album is an images of the tumor, which forced me to be on the verge. Today I am grateful to the doctors, to my loved ones and perhaps to something eternal power, for I got a second chance.


Изначально это не должно было быть релизом. Когда я впервые попробовал писать музыку с помощью модульного синтезатора, это было интересно, но я не чувствовал цельности композиции.

Однажды я заболел раком. Опухоль росла, наполняя мое тело смертельной тоской. Насколько это было болезненное время отчаяний и гнева на весь мир не передать сухими словами.
Поэтому Medulla Core совсем не легкий, радостный и светлый альбом, а скорее - это звуки тяжелых мучений и боли, пронзавших всю мою сущность. Музыка, созданная на модульных синтезаторах, смогла выразить абиоз и потерю надежды в борьбе за жизнь. На обложке - изображение опухоли, которая доходчиво объяснила мне, что такое оказаться на грани.
Я благодарен врачам, моим близким и, возможно, какой-то вечной силе за то, что смог получить второй шанс.


Vadim Pantin is a composer and multi instrumentalist. He was born on November 14, 1988 in Saint Petersburg (Russia). His mother had got choreographic education and his father was a drummer. Vadim has a elder brother Eugene Pantin, with whom he created musical project Abjective.

When Vadim was seven years old, when the family moved to the south of Russia, where Vadim went and graduated from high school. In spite of the musical family in childhood Vadim studied sculpture and graduated from art school, and studied design at the University.
In adolescence sculpture passion transformed into a sound research. He started looking for guitar chords borrowed from friend and learned the musical software like Cubase. Pantin wrote his first compositions when he was sixteen years old and was encouraged to develop his natural talents.

During this period he like any teenager was looking for himself, his life of use, and the search led him to a life in a monastery, where he spent six months. This period gave aspiring musician faith in their own strength, the ascetic monastic routine helped to temper the character. During obedience Vadim sang in the choir. However, it was only a period, and the walls of religion are not sufficient for artist with a broad vision, so six months later he returned to the familiar life and moved to his hometown of St. Petersburg.

Here in cultural capital of Russia he started to collaborate with different artists, made projects with creative association Outsiders Club, joined to St. Petersburg Orchestra of improvisation for some concerts, composed music for music for photo exibitions, short films, video games and other projects. For now arsenal of tools expanded to Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Pro tools, Ableton live. Vadim Pantin plays a few musical instruments, uses unique devices what were made by his friend special for and sings on texts written by his wife. He collaborates with various musicians from such labels as Acre Recordings (UK), (GE), Eonian Autumn Records (UK), Tympanik Audio (USA) and others.

His career includes a wide range of composition genres for various tasks, making him a versatile, prolific musician. His music has no bounds.

Cover and Layout - Vadim Pantin
Thanks you for life - Dina Shakenova, oncologists of St.Petersburg

Buchla 200-e, Serge VCS, Clock Divider, Serge Negative Slew, Morphlag

Mastering: DomainMeta

(С) & (P) 2016 Nenormalizm Records


released May 10, 2016



all rights reserved


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